A Visit From New York Escorts

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Our friend Nancy came to us with a desire for some pieces to add to her entrance way of her apartment in NYC. She had a feel for something that would be wild different and create a feeling of desire, wanting and intrigue. We showed her some pieces from my collection entitled “the thriller” which consists of some art work that was inspired by Vincent Price which was big name in the horror genre from back in the 60s and 70s.

Much of his work has inspired me in the collection and these are the pieces I would introduce to Nancy as it seemed to fit in with the theme she was looking to recreate in her NYC pad. Once she saw the work she was hooked. She felt it would fit perfectly in her apartment and that she wanted the pieces delivered for the 1st of the month. We had everything arranged to arrive on time. Her plan was to host a party and invite many of her clients, agents and other escorts to the event. Her pieces arrived on time and according to her they were a real hit. Her friends and co workers were thrilled to see her new artwork and many say the pieces fit completely in the theme of her apartment as was as her personality. We hope the escorts from the agency will tell more of their clients about our work and we can introduce our work to them as well. Thanks to the New York escorts.